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Corona virus survives in open air for hours and levels of goods, research says


Mar 14, 2020

WASHINGTON: The Corona virus is capable of surviving two to three days in the open air for hours and at an object’s level, according to a joint report released by the US government and scientists.

The US government and scientific experts conducted a research study on the outbreak of the Corona virus during which the affected individuals were tested and compiled a report in light of the results.

The research report states that the Corona virus has the ability to survive for hours in the open air, as well as being exposed to any airborne pollutants for two to three days. Is transferred to

Experts obtained samples from nebulizers used by the victims during the study and released them into the atmosphere, which revealed that the virus remained in the air for three hours and then ended itself.

When these samples were left on the surface of other items, the results came in dire form. Experts say the virus samples on copper metal survived for four hours, 24 on cardboard and two to three days on plastic and steel metal surfaces.

According to a news agency report, US experts conducted the same test in 2003 to determine the variants and efficacy of the outbreak of the virus “SARS” in the light of which the vaccine was manufactured.

Julie Fisher, a professor of microbiology at Georgetown University, says the results of these experiments are very important, and they also evaluate the importance of cleaning precautions.

He said that in view of the results of the investigation, we should make the most of the hand washing and especially after touching a surface, it is necessary to wash hands as it is possible for the affected person to touch the place. Yes

It should be noted that the Corona virus has started to camp in Europe, the Gulf countries and other Asian countries after China, followed by China and Italy with the highest number of casualties.

So far the number of Corona virus deaths has exceeded 5,436 while 11,058 new cases have been reported, which has increased the number of patients worldwide from 1 lakh 45 thousand to 600.


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