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Manchester Britain opposition party Labour Party has elected its leader


Apr 4, 2020
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According to details, the Labor Party gave the leadership to Sarkar Starmer, who will represent the party in the election and now the same leader will be in opposition.

It should be remembered that Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the Labor Party, announced his resignation after the failure of the UK elections.

After Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation, the Labor Party had been running for leadership since January, in which more than half a million members of the party participated and exercised their right to vote.

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The CircleStarmer was successful with 2,575,780 votes while his opponent, Rebecca Long Bailey, could garner 1,355 votes.

The results of the election were announced by Labor Party today, according to which the leadership of the party will be Sarkar starmer while Shadow Education Secretary Angela Reiner will be the Deputy Leader.


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