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PM imran khan says that wherever the corona virus spreads there will be complete lockdown


Apr 4, 2020

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the Relief Fund event at Governor House in Punjab province and said that I thank all the donors, sincere donations have been generous.

Imran Khan said that the faith of a Muslim during difficult times shows that the best person to help each other at the time of trial is the difficult time of the nation.

The Prime Minister said that the great good of human beings is to have patience in difficult times because it is difficult for anyone to know what to do. He said that they should also look at countries where institutions were strong. Given that these countries could have this situation, how would we be?

Addressing the ceremony, Imran Khan said that in developing countries there are bad conditions despite the resources, we have a time to test, I consider it a challenge, we will get out of this difficult time then we will become a separate nation. ۔

The Prime Minister said that the government has given the largest relief package in the history of Pakistan, by collecting money from donations and helping the poor, the government will provide even bigger relief package.

He said that the challenge is not to spread the Karuna virus as well as to help the poor people. We have to run the country so that the poor people are not affected. So that the farmers have no problem.

Imran Khan said that every day, sitting and thinking which industry can open up, we want the war against Karuna and our economy too. Will not forgive

Prime Minister of Pakistan said that God has saved us so far, we have to take precaution wherever the Corona virus spreads there will be full lockdown. The purpose of the Tiger Force will be to deliver food to people in full lockdown.

He added that today our MNAs and MPs also have a real test. MNs and MPs should go to the people and help them.


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