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WASHINGTON The United States is helping Pakistan with more than $8 million in new funding


Apr 17, 2020
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In a statement, the US ambassador said that the United States was cooperating with Pakistan in the spread of Corona and the care of the affected people.

He said all these costs are being paid by the American public. Financial support will be used for a variety of relief activities, including $ 3 million in donations, including three new laboratories to monitor the diagnosis and treatment of disease in laboratories. Will

The US ambassador stands with Pakistan in the fight against coronavirus

Ambassador says $ 1 million funding will be provided for modern operations centers in all four provinces, providing $ 20 million more to train local health care workers.

Jonespal added that local workers would be able to take care of people at home so as to reduce the burden on hospitals, the UN High Commissioner provided $ 24 million for the health of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.


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