Pakistan standalone force of 1 million youth is ready


According to the details, Assistant Special Officer for Nawazwan Usman Dar said at the press conference that more than 50,000 engineers have been registered in the Tigers force and 17 thousand health workers are also included in the Tigers force while Master BScom BS degree holders are also part of the force.

Assistant Special Minister said that Prime Minister House has given the TORs to the Provincial Chief Secretaries. Are.

Usman Dar said that a stand-by force of one million Pakistanis is ready to work with the NDMA Pak Army and doctors.

He said that the Tigersforce will also help in the process of registration of the deserving in their constituencies.

Auxiliary Special added that about one million people have been registered with the Tigers Force. In Tiger Down, the Tigers Force will provide food to the deserving people, but registration of Tigers Force volunteers will be canceled due to violation of the rules.

Usman Dar said that the opposition should work together to mobilize Tigers Force with public representatives Tigers force is not a party force.

He added that no T-shirts were being made for the Tigers Force. The force would not spend even a single penny on Pratx Pierce and the Prime Minister would address the Tigers force soon.

Regarding the Emergency Emergency Program, the Special Assistant said that only Pakistanis could benefit from this program.

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