Introducing the world’s first fish meat from 3D printing.

Scientists have introduced the world’s first artificial fish meat which is made by 3D printing.

The food tech company has announced to introduce artificial fish prepared with the help of 3D technology by the end of this year, which can be cooked and eaten in a very short time.

Now forget about catching fish in seas and rivers through nets and hooks because scientists have started making artificial fish in the laboratory through 3D printed technology.

A company called Stakeholder Foods said that this fish has been produced in the form of a 3D printed grouper fish fillet from stem cells, which is then produced in the form of a fish through various stages through bioprinting technology.

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According to Stakeholder Foods, in partnership with Omami Meats, a Singaporean company, the fish kills have been developed.

Foods stakeholder is working on 3D-printed whole cuts of meat as well as other seafood, while fast food giant KFC has teamed up with a Russian bioprinting company to produce synthetic chicken nuggets. have partnered.

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