A citizen of Qatar invented a smart prayer place to teach nine Muslims to pray.

Must you have heard and seen about smartphones, smart TVs and other electronic devices, but now the world has also developed a smart place of prayer, which is the world’s first smart place of prayer and it is used by new Muslims who have accepted Islam. To teach prayer and to facilitate the fulfillment of this duty.

Foreign media, Qatari civil engineer Abdul Rahman Saleh Khamis made this important invention for nine Muslims, for which he was rewarded at the global level, and Abdul Rahman was awarded the world’s first smart device at the 48th International Invention Exhibition held in Geneva. Awarded he was a gold medal for inventing the place of prayer.

Speaking to the media, Qatari engineer Abdul Rahman Saleh Khamis said that he has named his invention Sajda, which will help new Muslims who have accepted Islam to learn and read the prayer.

This smart prayer space is equipped with a screen and lights and also has speakers that teach the students how to pray in more than 25 different ways in English and Arabic languages.

Muslim around first smart place said abdul Rahman Saleh Khamis that this is the of prayer for all the world, which will teach them how to pray in the light of Sharia, it will help Muslim brothers and sisters who accept Islam to learn religion and help them without It will teach you how to pray properly for any problem.

He says that one can improve their prayer experience by reciting the Quranic verses displayed on the LED screen of Sajdah during Taraweeh Qiyam and other acts of worship along with Fard Namaz.

Made He has this smart prayer place in such a way that every Muslim can set it according to his needs with the help of his mobile phone.

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