Death is better than slavery, people stay for the coming call Imran Khan.

Pakistani people should help the flood tide victims, thank God, mindfulness is coming in my nation.

Expressed these views while addressing a large public meeting in Rahim Yar Khan.
Address in his to the rally, Imran Khan said that death is better than slavery. People should stay for the coming call. When I said that I’ll hold a rally in Islamabad, Ranathanaullah started hanging . will

Imran Khan said that in 8 hours, Pakistanis have given 14 billion rupees for the flood tidevictims.However, also it donates freehandedly, If the nation trusts that its plutocrat is being spent in the right place. Our Pakistanis help freehandedly around the world. people are.
He said that Englishmen can learn Urdu in two times, but it’s a pity that our crime minister and Urdu learner Bilawal Bhutto has gone to America. The flood tide victims are upset and these people got up from then and went to America.

People from each over the world are coming then to help the flood tide victims, while these people are staying in the most precious hospices in America on the one hand they’re going to supplicate and are staying in precious hospices to show off.
Am thankful to Allah Almighty that knowledge is coming in my nation. I’m more thankful than getting the high minister that my nation has come conscious.

Imran Khan said that both Maryams have a PhD in lying. A press conference was held through Javed Latif that as if I’ve disrespected religion, they’re trying to say that whatever happens to me, they will say that the religious fanatic did it. Action taken.
They tried their stylish to qualify Imran Khan. These people are hysterical of Imran Khan, that is why they’re running down from the election. They all know that Imran Khan will win the coming election.

These people have been doing corruption for 30 times and have made corruption cases against each other, moment they’re taking turns to finish their cases and taking turns. I’ve a soul, I’ll go against them and I’ll also take out the nation.