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Washington: US President Joe Biden has issued a warning to White House staffers.

According to US media reports, after Biden was sworn in as US President, travel bans on Muslims signed 15 presidential decrees on medical issues and climate change.

Joe Biden later held a virtual meeting with White House staff and instructed them to respect everyone.

Joe Biden warned employees that if they did not show respect and ridicule, they would be fired on the spot.

He instructed all the employees to speak politely so that this should be strictly followed and no one should speak to anyone in a harsh tone or in a loud voice.
Biden also announced the appointment of more than 1,000 political aides to the White House.

If you always want to work with me, it’s very easy. You have to treat your colleagues with respect and talk to them in a gentle tone if someone speaks loudly or rudely. he said. If so. I will fire you on the spot.

Joe Biden instructed employees to play their part in the country’s peace and development and build a relationship of trust with each other.
He also said that during the tenure of the former president, there have been disputes among the employees due to which the atmosphere in the White House has deteriorated and he does not want to see such an environment in his government.

I hope you work honestly and treat everyone with good manners, that’s your responsibility. Biden said.


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