The Zionist star in the Israeli flag is the symbol of Greater Israel.

In the flag of Israel, the Zionist star is placed between two blue stripes (Egypt’s Nile River and Turkey’s Euphrates River) and it is considered to be the symbol of Greater Israel.

Zionist Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement at the beginning of the recent Palestine Israel that the Middle East is going to change reflects his same ambitions.

The former prime minister of Turkey, the late Najmuddin Arbakan, while suggesting the Turkish Cyprus flag, said that
As long as the Turkish Red Crescent and Star are present in the Middle East, the Nile River and the Euphrates River will fill the two red stripes with blood, but they will not hand over this region to the Zionists.

Today, Turkey has announced the start of naval military exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Cyprus, in which regular shooting exercises will also be conducted.

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