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The government has decided to regulate social media

London: The British government’s decision to regulate social media has come to light, Britain’s media regulatory authority will be given more powers.

According to ARY News, Afcam will now control social media under the British government’s decision to monitor the country’s media. Ofcom will regulate Facebook, Twitter, TickTalk, Snapchat and YouTube.

The use of social media violence, extremism and cybercrime can lead to fines.

Officials with regard to social media will also be assigned soon. It is to be noted that in February 2018, the UK broadcasting governing body, Afcam, raised a fine of £ 2,000 on a Crimea radio channel for violating the principle of broadcasting.

With this important decision by the government, the British media’s oversight function will become more vibrant and empowering.

Government regulates social media, SRO continues

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Technology in Pakistan has issued an SRO on regulating social media.

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