Keep your mobile clean.

post-2014 iPhone beside Apple AirPods and succulent plant on white surface

London Our mobile phones can be dirtier and more contaminated with germs than a toilet sink, but without knowing it, we not only use our phones while eating but also give the same phones to our children to play with.

It is important to use wipes with at least 70% alcohol to kill invisible bacteria and germs on mobile phone surfaces, especially the touch screen.

We touch our phones with our hands and rub them with our faces hundreds of times every day. Most of us wash our hands regularly after going to the toilet, before or after cooking, cleaning the house or gardening.

But very few people think about washing their hands after touching their phone. We take our mobile phones with us everywhere from bed to toilet.

There are many of us who wake up in the morning and pick up our mobile phone first to find that we missed a call or message during our sleep.

More than 90 percent of people in the world own or use a mobile phone and many of us may not be able to imagine life without it, according to a 2019 study. Like the rest of the world, in the UK most people use their phone in the toilet or bathroom, keeping it close to the flush.

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