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Sindh Govt terminates NOC and Undertaking conditional exemption from lockdown ban

According to the report, the Sindh government has announced relief for Coronation Lockdown from the industries, businesses and restaurants.
 Commissioner Karachi abolished the condition of getting NOC and under-taxation from the aforementioned entities after which business enterprises and restaurants can start their work without any paper submission.

Commissioner Karachi made an administrative order for the business industry and restaurants under which all industry restaurant entrepreneurs have to comply with the rules and regulations issued by the interior ministry.

Earlier, the Sindh government prepared a plan to open shops and markets in Karachi in consultation with the traders. Under which the business centers and shops of Karachi are divided into 13 sections in three categories depending on the nature of the business.
Businesses in each category will be allowed two days a week.

The traders involved in the decisions of the Commissioner Karachi meeting after the Chief Minister Sindh presented their recommendations and said that according to the plan, all shops and markets related to auto show sector mechanics parts shops will be considered a sector. And will be open two days a week.

Similarly, all tailoring shops, including embroidery work, including tailor-made metal tailor shops for sewing clothing centers, have been placed in a category that will be opened two days a week.

Household appliances have been kept in the house hold, which includes furniture, curtains, plastic shops and other products. All of these businesses will be opened two days a week.

Market shops for all electric and electronics products in Karachi are also placed in the same category as the repair market. Construction Material has been put in a separate category in which all the equipment related to the construction of the hardware carpenter wood market door frame. Painting shops include ironworks.

Industrial Sales & Materials Sales Centers for Industrial Motors Sales and Repair Engineering Works Centers Industrial Chemical Shops will be part of a category.

According to sources, grocery and commodities like meat poultry shops will also be closed for two days a week in general markets. Medical stores and milk shops will be allowed to open bakeries all week.

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