Another attack on the judiciary by the fascist government.

Mr. Chief Justice of Pakistan, may you continue to stand with the right and the truth
24 crore people of Pakistan are standing shoulder to shoulder with you, stay firm with the truth and this nation is standing by you, this nation will never leave you alone.

At this time, there is severe pressure on the Chief Justice of Pakistan, his own judges have been set up against him, character assassination is being done, the bench is being broken, and he is being told to stop, but the Chief Justice is still standing with courage and determination. You are fighting against the powerful alone, Mr. Chief Justice, history is being written, the historian is writing everyone’s role, if you continue to stand firm like this, then you will forever be immortalized in history as the benefactor and hero of this nation. Standing on the back, don’t lose heart, God willing, success will be the destiny of you and this nation. This is the old slogan of PML-N, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, don’t be a coward, don’t lose heart, the nation is with you, make a new bench and make history.

Chief Justice sir, if you had not surrendered to oppression on April 9, then there would not have been attacks on you today, if you had declared the no-confidence motion of the fascist government null and void on April 9, then the country would not have to see this situation today. The anti-trust movement did not stop, but today this same PTI Imran Khan is standing by your side on the fascist government’s revenge against you.

The people and Imran Khan are standing with you even today, take courage and stick to the truth, this fascist government cannot spoil anything for you.