Former PM Imran Khan cannot win this election if he wants to.

Addressing an election rally in PP-140 constituency of Sheikhupura Imran Khan said that the Election Commission was working with Hamza Shahbaz to win the loot.

I left home alone. The caravan was slowly growing PTI has become the largest party in Pakistan he said.

The former prime minister said that he congratulated his candidate after seeing the assembly that he has won the elections. No loot can compete with you. No loot of any color can compete with this madness.

In his address, Imran Khan said that even if 15,000 FIRs are registered against me instead of 15, I will not back down. Social media workers are being intimidated. They are being caught from their homes. is being done.

Imran Khan said that the names of the officers and officials involved in all the incidents on May 25 have been noted. Our when government comes, we will hold each and every one of them accountable. The IG and Chief Secretary were honest so What people are doing together with Hamza Cucumber will be accounted for.

He said that he could not befriend India by ignoring the sacrifices of Kashmiris. Industan is an ally of the United States Being an ally of the United States, India is buying 30% cheaper oil from Russia.

The whole nation is watching. On July 17, there will be milk and water. The nation and the country have changed. Old retaliatory actions. False FIRs. Violence against the people. The message to the people is to take money from them and put it on the stamp.

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