Allah is with those who sweat Him. Hajj Sermon is the only success in stewing Allah Almighty.

In Makkah, Saudi Arabia, pilgrims are on the field of Arafat to perform the Waqf of’ Arafah, the great member of the Hajj. Allah is with those who sweat Him. The only success is in stewing Allah Almighty.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn al- Kareem, while giving the region of Hajj said that no bone
can remove your trouble except Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty transferred couriers so that they could educate you the religion. The Prophet( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said On the Day of rejuvenation, the bone
who has good morals will be with me.

Always accelerate to do good, Muslims, presto, supplicate and pay Zakat. Allah said There’s good news of Paradise for the pious. All mortal beings are descendants of Adam and Adam( peace be upon him) is made of complexion.

Perform all the acts of deification which Allah has commanded to be performed through His Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him as the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him performed. Muslims should cooperate with each other in the work of Allah. The Islamic values that unite the hearts of Muslims demand that you should stay down from anything that creates abomination.

Muhammad ibn Abdul Kareem Isa said that Allah created mortal beings for His deification. Allah said He created the welkin and the earth in six days. God said Purify your souls and be pious. The Book of Allah, the Holy Prophet, confirms the other heavenly books. God said in the Quran Hajj is obligatory upon you. The Messenger of Allah said Use wisdom in every matter.

Hajj in sermon it was said that Allah has commanded to take the path of virtuousness with the parents. Islam teaches brotherhood and brotherhood. Allah has commanded to treat the cousins well after the parents. The ummah should walk on the path and treat each other with compassion. Allah’s mercy is close to those who do good. Allah says that if a menial wrongs himself, also the door of penitence is open for him.

He said that no bone
can remove the misery of man except Allah. In the Holy Quran Allah says that an Arab has no superiority over anon-Arab and anon-Arab has no superiority over Arabic. ۔

They said Allah says Whenever you call on me, you shall find me near to you. Allah says Be merciful to all, be it man or beast. Fear none but Allah. Allah says in the Qur’ an He created man in the stylish manner.

Dr. Isa said that the Messenger of Allah said No bone
will enter Paradise without the mercy and grace of Allah He has perfected the religion for you. Allah said Command your family to do good and train them well.

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