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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Karuna will be removed from FATF’s gray list like the epidemic.

Addressing a joint sitting of Parliament today, the Prime Minister said that he was thinking that the opposition would look after the interest of the people instead of personal interest. The opposition will support the government but today I saw that the opposition has no concern for the interest of Pakistan and not the whole opposition but a few leaders are responsible for the situation.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition made every effort for its own interest. The opposition presented 34 amendments to the NAB rules. These suggestions are to close their cases. Today, key opposition leaders are embroiled in money laundering cases. Pakistan did not go to the gray list because of us. We have inherited it. Everyone should know what it means to go to the black list. If there was a black list, all imports would be banned.

He said, “Thank God, Pakistan came out of the corona epidemic because of which India’s GDP went down by 24%. On the other hand, the WHO is saying that in the war against corona, learn from Pakistan. At least a little bit of praise, but seeing the attitude of the opposition leaders, my suspicions were confirmed today. The opposition thought that we would be blackmailed, but we did not.

There are 3 ways to prevent sex crimes
The Prime Minister said that today this House has proved that it stands with Pakistan. I pay tribute to all the allies for the important legislation. The Gujjarpura incident has shaken the whole country. Protecting Children Rape destroys lives and even harms families. Ever since you thought this happened, pass the best resolution for it.

He said that the experience of the world shows that sex offenders commit crimes again. We need to work in three ways against such incidents. We must first improve policing. A regular record of elements involved in sex crimes will be compiled. If such elements like Abid, who have been involved in rape cases before, were given severe punishments, then police registration is necessary in which sex offenders are registered.

The Prime Minister said that we are preparing a bill on exemplary punishments which includes severe punishments. The bill will be presented before the Assembly in a few days. We should pass a unanimous law to prevent incidents like Gujjarpura.
The third is that arresting the accused and proving the guilt is also the most difficult step. There will also be complete legislation to prove the guilt.


KARACHI: Leading actress of Pakistani showbiz industry Mahira Khan has become a part of the campaign against violence and sexual harassment against women.

Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan said in a video message on being part of the campaign against violence and sexual harassment against women that she was proud to be part of the Commonwealth’s No More campaign.

Mahira Khan said that everyone has to stand up against violence and no more allegations and no more excuses.

Sexual harassment, domestic violence and no. One in three women worldwide suffers from these problems.
We all have to come forward and stand up to these issues.

“The problems in the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic have worsened and we have seen an increase in these incidents of violence during the lockdown,” Mahra Khan said.

“We can all do the right thing and we should. For a long time, our society has not done enough to address this issue,” she said.
Please join us. Talk openly about this issue.

In the caption with the video, Mahira Khan talks about the abuse and harassment of women, children and boys, saying that now we have to take more drastic action because the roots of the problems have become very strong.
This is the mindset that needs to be addressed.

“All those who commit crimes should be ashamed. We should be ashamed of those who are constantly silent. We need to change our curriculum,” he said.
We need to revisit our statements in dramas and movies. Join us.


The story of a poor barber

In one village there was a poor barber who used to put a chair under a tree and shave people
She was having a hard time. He had no home to live in, no wife, no children. He owned only a sheet and a pillow. When it was night, he would spread a sheet outside a closed school, put on a pillow, and sleep.
One morning the village was flooded.
When he opened his eyes, there was noise everywhere.
He got up and climbed on the bunny tank with the school. He laid the sheet on the wall and lay down to watch the people. The people were running away with their valuables. Some are running away with cash, some with jewelery, some with goats and some with some valuables.
Meanwhile, a man was running away with gold jewelery, money and clothes. When the man passed by the barber and saw him lying down, he spoke angrily
Hey, everything is gone.
Our souls are here and we are drinking peacefully here
He said to listen
Lala, today I am suffering from poverty
I laughed when I heard this story but then an idea came up that maybe the scene of the Day of Judgment will be something like this.
When all human beings will be held accountable.
On the one hand, the poor will be accounted for.
The bread and cloth of two times is the rights of Allah and the rights of worshipers
On the one hand, the rich will be accounted for
Plazas Shops Factories Cars Bungalows Gold & Jewelery Employees Money Halal Haram Luxury Zakat Haqooq Allah Haqooq Al-Ibad
Giving an account of so many things, they will be drenched in sweat and trembling with fear.
Then maybe the poor will be looking at these rich people like this barber.
A strange calm on the face and maybe a heart
They will be saying in their heart
Today is the day of poverty
May Allah Almighty help us to be thankful for every blessing and to use and distribute according to the pleasure of Allah. Amen.


Har Mujahid Captain Erbelo Faqir Ghazi

When Har Mujahid came for volunteer recruitment in the September 1965 war, the Commandant refused to recruit and said that
This boy is young and thin, so it will be difficult to handle a rifle. Erbelo Faqir was the son of a chief of his community.
Commander Sahib, idols do not fight, honor fights. You will get the news of the actions I will take on Indian Radio. The commander forcibly selected him and then what Ghazi had told the commander happened.
News began to be broadcast on Indian Radio Akashwani that the soldiers of Pakistani civil community Har Mujahideen have captured 2200 square miles of India. The entire battalion of Indian Army is under their control.

The number of Hur Mujahideen was very small but the courage of Pir Sahib Pagara due to his experience of guerrilla operations against the British and his knowledge of the area proved to be heavy on the Indian Army.
Erbelo Faqir said in a broadcast interview that
The Indian Army would have felt that we were outnumbered if we had been attacking five Mujahideen groups.
When asked:
How did you get food and weapons? Erbelo Faqir said
Food was not a concern and the weapons continued to be used by some of them and the rest of the Indian Army.
At the end of the war, at the ceremony, the world saw three figures sitting back in their seats with their medals, but the hall resounded with applause.
Medium Noor Jahan, MM Alam and Arbelo Faqir Ghazi
History shows that at that time only two conquerors were awarded the Star of Courage
MM Alam who could not buy a house for himself all his life.
And Erbelo Faqir Ghazi, who was never mentioned in the media as a national asset.
These were our anonymous heroes Ghazi and Shaheed
The winds of the homeland greet these conquerors and martyrs.


Prime Minister’s House, Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan fulfilling his promise

The Prime Minister further reduced the expenses of the House, after a record 68% reduction in expenses, the number of employees was reduced to 180.

According to details, the austerity drive of Prime Minister Imran Khan is underway. The expenses of the Prime Minister’s House have been reduced for the third consecutive year.

The Prime Minister further reduced the expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House as promised, the staff and expenses of the Prime Minister’s House were significantly reduced, the expenditure was reduced by a record 68% and the number of employees was reduced from 522 to 180.

In 2018, the Prime Minister’s House spent Rs 50.9 crore on expenditure while the present government has so far spent Rs 31.6 crore on the Prime Minister’s House.

On the other hand, Special Assistant Dr. Shahbaz Gul in his message on social networking site Twitter said that the Prime Minister has significantly reduced the staff and expenses of the Prime Minister’s House. The expenses have been reduced by 38%. After 180 people.
It is believed that instead of indulging in luxuries from the national treasury, the Prime Minister had made a history of trust and sense. It was learned that Prime Minister Imran Khan pays all the expenses of his residence out of his own pocket.

It was learned that the Prime Minister himself pays the salaries of the servants, the payment of bills and the expenses incurred on the security of the residence. The Prime Minister’s Office has also become a role model for savings. The number of employees in the office reached an all-time low. In one year, the Prime Minister’s Office saved more than 180 million rupees and returned it to the national treasury.

Even in foreign tours, Prime Minister Imran Khan is at the forefront of austerity and minimum spending. When Imran Khan went to Washington as Prime Minister, he completed his five-day visit for just 67 67,180.


What is the application fee for getting an easy loan of up to Rs. 10 million?

LAHORE: Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce Aslam Iqbal has said that the Punjab Employment Revolutionary Scheme will be launched this month, application processing fee of Rs 2,000 and loan approval in 20 days.

According to details, a meeting of Small Industries Corporation was held under the chairmanship of Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce Aslam Iqbal in which the features and rules and regulations of Punjab Employment Scheme were approved while 15,000 honorarium was awarded for a private member to attend a meeting. Also approved.

The Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce said that the Punjab Employment Revolutionary Scheme would be launched this month, the application processing fee would be Rs 2,000 and the loan would be sanctioned in 20 days while the repayment period would be 2 to 5 years while the grace period would be 6 months.

Aslam Iqbal said that a scheme is being introduced to increase economic and business activities, under which an easy loan of up to Rs. 10 million can be obtained.

Usman Bazdar said that loans would be provided to new entrepreneurs for existing businesses, loans up to Rs 10 million could be taken under the scheme and eunuchs would also be able to avail the loan scheme while the mark-up for women has been kept low.

The Punjab Chief Minister while instructing to launch the Punjab Employment Scheme in the twentieth month had said that businesses affected due to Corona are now giving relief.


Coriander is considered useful for digestive and bone diseases

Eating the best foods is an essential part of every person’s life, but food can be enjoyed only when there are no digestive problems, but if you use whole grains in your diet, you can avoid digestive disorders. Is.

On the other hand, bone diseases also cause severe problems in human beings. As we age, the bones of the human body become weaker, but green coriander is also very useful for bone diseases.

Medical experts have declared Haradhania to be beneficial for human health.

Experts say that the use of green coriander is not only very useful for diseases of the digestive system and bones, but it also prevents the level of cholesterol in the body from rising.


Facebook restricts message forwarding to five people at a time

Popular social networking site Facebook has restricted message forwarding, saying it would slow down the flow of harmful content.
According to the details, the social networking site Facebook has restricted messenger to forwarding messages to up to 5 people at a time. Facebook said in an official blog post that the ban was aimed at spreading viral misinformation and harmful content. It will slow down the pace that has the potential to harm the world. Facebook added that by limiting message forwarding, we will thwart the efforts of those who spread chaos. This decision is due to the corona virus and the coming Americans. , New Zealand and other countries in view of the election.
Commenting on the election, Facebook said that it would not allow any new political advertisements due to the upcoming elections in the United States. Stopped for fear of corona virus.


The third T20 between Australia and England will be played tomorrow

Southampton: The third T20 of the three-match T20 series between Australia and England will be played in Southampton tomorrow. Hosts England have a decisive 2-0 lead in the series.
Australia are on a tour of traditional rivals England for the three-match T20 and three-match ODI series, where the third T20 of the three-match T20 series between Australia and England will be played tomorrow in Southampton. Has a decisive lead of 0. The English team will be led by Anne Morgan, while Aaron Finch will lead the Kangaroos.
In the first match of the three-match T20 series, the English team defeated Australia by 2 runs after a thrilling contest, while in the second match, the English team defeated Australia by 6 wickets.
The three-match ODI series between England and Australia starts on September 11.


Air Force Day is being celebrated with national enthusiasm all over the country today

ISLAMABAD: Air Force Day is being observed across the country today (Monday) with national fervor, in memory of the veterans who defended the country’s airspace against Indian aggression in the 1965 war.
On the occasion of Air Force Day, a ceremony was held at the mausoleum of pilot officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed Nishan Haider in Karachi. Flowers were laid on his grave and Fateha was offered. A well-armed contingent of the Pakistan Air Force saluted. Air Officer Commanding Southern Air Command Abbas Ghman was the chief guest at the event. He visited the shrine of Rashid Minhas Shaheed, laid flowers and offered Fateha. Celebrations will be held across the country in this regard while programs related to September will be held at all the airports of the country in which all the forces and other agencies will participate.
The Pakistan Air Force is one of the top ten air forces in the world. In the 1965 war, brave Pakistani pilots, despite their limited resources, not only thwarted India’s air aggression but also humiliated India with their extraordinary fighting skills and bravery. Pakistan Air Force expert Muhammad Mahmood Alam, popularly known as Jawaim M Alam, shot down five Indian Air Force fighter jets in less than a minute, a record to date.