FATF blacklisted Iran

Paris: Financial Action Task Force (FATF) blacklisted Iran.

According to a report by the foreign news agency, the FATF blacklisted Iran on its failure to comply with the principles of financing anti-global terrorism.

FATF says transactions with Iran will be further investigated, financing organizations will be audited in Iran, banks and businesses operating with Iran will be pressured.

It should be noted that the US has been pushing for more and more pressure policy against Iran.

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The FATF ban comes at a time when parliamentary elections in Iran have been completed today, with results expected tomorrow.

It should be remembered that earlier India’s attempts to push Pakistan into the blacklist again failed, the FATF has retained Pakistan on the gray list by June 2020.

The FATF statement said that Pakistan was ensuring the implementation of the Action Plan. The decision regarding Pakistan will now be decided at a meeting in June.

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