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What year did cricket corner begin.


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cricket start in 1598.

A lawsuit was filed in 1598 over the land. Warner and John Derek claimed ownership of the land. No one claimed to be playing.

What is the word cricket?

The word cricket is an English word meaning stick. In the beginning, wood or stick was made into bat and hair was made from threads. Tree was used for wicket.

Cricket is a game played between two teams of 11 players. The game is played with a ball and bat which has an elliptical field. is called.

Three sticks are placed on either side of the pitch, called a wicket. A member of the team on the field throws a leather ball to one side of the pitch and throws it to the batsman of the other team. The ball bounces once before reaching the batsman who defends his wickets.


Nowadays cricket is a favorite sport to the point of intoxication. Be it children, young women or the elderly, everyone seems to be a fan of cricket. The game is very popular in India and when the competition is between Pakistan and India, the outcome is considered a war between infidels and Muslims and a decision of life and death.

There is no one in Pakistan who does not pray for victory in favor of India and Pakistan.

Cricket is the second most played sport in the world after football but it is the most popular sport in India. If their children went to graze goats, they would take with them hair made of wood and thread. This game was a great source of entertainment for them. It is said that King Edward of England played it in his time.

It is estimated that from the beginning of the game, the game was played by small children. No big man used to play this game. How this game spread from children to adults is a different story. The older boys played on the field. In the same year, the word cricket was given a place in the dictionary. A few rules of the game were made. The winner team used to play bowling down which is called under arm bowling which is a band nowadays.

The first international match

International first cricket match was played between the United States and Canada. The match was played in New York in the United States but cricket did not gain much popularity in the United States and Canada. The first Test match of cricket was played between Australia and England. Australia had beaten England by 3 runs.

The ICC, the International Cricket Council, was formed in 1959. Was it then called the Imperial Cricket Conference. At that time, the ICC had three members: England, Australia and South Africa. First one-day international between Australia and England. Cricket started to become popular as soon as it was played. You can gauge its popularity by the fact that cricket has become a popular sport worth billions of dollars. Its has billions of fans all over the world. We will not have such a person. Those who are not cricket fans.


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