This is what corruption does.

When they wanted to import from Turkey, the customs duty was reduced to zero and the treasury lost billions. Sales tax has also been reduced to zero.

When the import is complete and the distribution network is built, raise the prices
This is called institutionalized corruption
Hold it and show it.

First there was a plan to promote solar panels
Then someone explained that in this way people will be freed
WAPDA meter bills will save lives
Then made a plan for a solar plant of 10,000 megawatts
Five plants of 2,000 MW each are shared as rental power projects
Now solar electricity will be given to common consumers only through WAPDA.

Although initially the bill will be less but gradually it will be increased to make it similar to current rental power.

This will make it impossible for ordinary consumers to purchase and install solar panels
This is what corruption does
Hold the show.

Sharif family Zardari family, Salim Saifullah family, including Khawaja Asif, are all powerhouses.
The injustice was that these plants were run on furnace oil and coal instead of water, wind and solar, for which the bill of imports increased due to which the problem of circular dent arose.

The second injustice is that the agreements made with the government were not based on consumption but on capacity.

That is if our requirement in summer is 23 thousand megawatts, then the companies said that we have the capacity to generate forty thousand megawatts of electricity.

In this way, the payment of capacity production is taken from the government, while the consumption is less than that and the electricity companies do not even generate more than the consumption, but the full price is being charged.

In winter, the same usage comes up to thirteen thousand, but the price is taken as forty thousand.
Suppose you board a bus from Pindi to Lahore and get off at Gujjar Khan, but the driver is charging you the fare to Lahore.

This cruelty continues till today, as long as this corrupt system continues, the mountain of cruelty will continue to fall on the people.

Now the problem is that there are no dollars in the country to buy France oil, coal, etc. and those who have dollars do not want to bring them into the country.

Therefore, the current rulers who have their own rental power projects thought that it is not possible to generate electricity from rental power now and it will not be possible at all in some time.

Therefore, as an alternative, the nation is being chained to solar
For this too, the same model of rental power projects has been kept, i.e. two thousand megawatt plants have been shared in the name of close people, from which a total of ten thousand megawatts of electricity will be generated and this electricity will be supplied to WAPDA’s system will be given to the nation.

On the contrary, if they set up factories to make solar plates and provide cheap plates to the people, there would be a revolution in a few years, but the business of their generations would not run like this.
Here are their methods of fraud and corruption.

But we continue to cover up their thefts due to our political affiliations, that’s why today the punishment of inflation, electricity, gas and water crisis is increasing instead of decreasing.

Although this is the overall interest of the nation and overall profit is a matter of loss

God expose the mega theft of this solar system.

The era of commission is gone now corruption has been made a regular
skill Just as they have made rental power and are selling expensive electricity to the nation, now the same is planned for the solar system. Whether they stay in the government or not, the business of their generations will continue to run. One day, these solar systems will also become a disaster for the nation. And they will keep the people suffering from load shedding for hours and they will receive the same heavy bill.