At present, the country is being stricter than the worst martial law periods.

Ex PM Imran Khan has said that he will fight the case of martyred PTI worker Ali Bilal completely and will file a case against the caretaker Chief Minister, IG, CCPO.

Video In his link address, he said that at this time, the country is being stricter than the worst martial law periods. System of disbelief can work but not of cruelty. The court ordered to lift the ban on my speech, but not despite that. It is being shown that now Zul Shah’s father is being urged to withdraw from the case, who is doing this and who has such power.

Imran Khan said that the policemen are saying, they did not do it, who is so powerful who is making my JIT record disappear Ex-CCPO Lahore was not reinstated despite the court order Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa election Who is standing behind him who is not giving the date of election.

He said that Pakistanis have to decide whether to follow the path of destruction. We have two paths. One is slavery and the other is the path of true freedom. The rulers have destroyed the country and the country is now going on the path of destruction.

Incident if like Ali Bilal had happened in Britain, the nation would have come out. Criminals like Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif are looting the country, their money is lying outside. must stand against.

Imran Khan further said that after the announcement of the election, we had announced to take out the election rally. Their whole plan was to drop the dead bodies.

Their plan was that if people are killed, then they will put cases on me. Murder zul Shah’s was also put on me. Do these people have no sense? Will I kill Zul Shah? Their whole plan was to pick me up and take me to Balochistan.

Despite the election schedule, the rally was banned. Their best effort is to spread so much fear so that the thieves win again.