Sweden Demonstrations in favor of Imran Khan.

On the one hand, there was a big power show of Pakistan (PTI) in Karachi in which a large number of people shared. It was seen on live defenses each over Pakistan.

In this regard, for the first time in the history of Malm the Swedish megacity of Malm a large kick rally of the Pakistani community was held in which hundreds of other Pakistanis shared, including children, women, old and youthful.

Actors chanted taglines against the imported government and said that we all stand side by side with Imran Khan. The protesters also demanded immediate choices in Pakistan.
The unique thing about this kick was that people from other countries also took part in it, including people from Africa and Arab countries.
They came on stage and said that they’ve been following Imran Khan for the last many times. May Allah grant him an honest leader like Imran Khan.

The protesters were allowed to protest for two and a partial hours by the original administration.

PTI demurrers are going on in numerous metropolises of Pakistan and analogous demonstrations are taking place in other countries.