My life is not as important as the real independence of Pakistan. Former PM Imran Khan.

Addressing a public gathering in Karachi, the former PM Khan said People have told me that your life is in danger from both inside and outside. The mafia is behind you. Real freedom is essential.

He said that I have come to you today for a special discussion. Today the issue is not the issue of PTI but the issue of Pakistan. It is the issue of the future of your children so I have come among you.Ka

I want friendship from all. Slavery does not want anyone. This conspiracy is to keep Pakistan as a slave. He said that Mir Jafar has been imposed on us. Mir Jafar was a traitor who joined hands with British When Bengal went to the British, they withdrew money from the farmers by levying taxes which made the farmers poor and millions died in Bengal due to famine. When the British came, Bengal was the richest state but when the British left it was the poorest state Was.

He said that Donald Lowe told our ambassador that if the no-confidence motion failed then there would be difficulties for Pakistan. Donald Lowe knew that no-confidence motion was coming in Pakistan. I am not against America. Our Holy Prophet was sent as a mercy for the whole world, so I am with humanity in the world. We all want to be friends but we will not accept anyone’s slavery.

Ex PM Imran Khan in his speech said that the United States made a threat and as a result of this threat our country was destroyed. I Iwas asked questions in the interview.
Will the US give bases in Pakistan? Will the US take part in the war again on which I said absolutely not. A PM is like the father of a country. The nation is his children. I will never sacrifice my people for another country. I can’t. I am not a cherry blossom boot polish. I am not Mir Jafar of this country.

There are two reasons why the United States is angry he said. The second one went to Russia where we told Russia that we need oil and wheat, then the Russian authorities were giving us oil at 30% lower rate and wheat at 30% lower rate.

They said I say to the people that there are only two ways before us, and when we pray we ask Allah for one thing: O Allah guide us to the path of those whom Thou hast blessed. Not on the path that has been destroyed. Our people have come across these two paths. One path is La ilaha illa Allah. This is the path in which we say that we do not bow down to anyone except Allah. It has been commanded that you will stand with truth and fight against evil. Allah has not given you a third way. You cannot be neutral. Allah has commanded that there are only two ways or you will stand with truth or with evil.

Other PTI leaders present on the stage before the PTI chairman’s speech also expressed their views.

Former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his speech said that imported government was brought through letter. He said that last year Al-Aqsa Mosque was attacked by Israeli army then Imran Khan told me to go to UN and raise voice for Palestinians. So I did not tweet like Shahbaz Sharif but went to the United Nations and fought the case of the Palestinians and stopped the war. Didn’t take the oath? Cabinet not formed? Shah Mehmood said that sugar has gone up by Rs 10, ghee has gone up by Rs 30. Electricity has gone up by 4.85 paise or not. He said that we will eliminate linguistics and prejudice from PTI platform. After all, the biggest court is the people’s court.

Expressing his views, Asad Umar said that the government has been changed with the help of illicit wealth. PTI worked for the whole of Pakistan but Imran Khan never denied whatever was demanded for Karachi. He said that the nation has seen the clash of two ideologies. One ideology says we are beggars. And the other says we are selfish,

Imran Khan, you have shown the nation how the nation stands with a self-reliant leader. Everything will be tolerated. No slavery. Under the leadership of Imran Khan, the dream of Quaid-e-Azam will be fulfilled and a new Pakistan will be created.

Addressing the Karachi meeting, Ali Zaidi, quoting Absolutely Not, said that he would narrate an incident related to Imran Khan which would unravel a mystery. We had a meeting in 2008 in which Arif Alvi was also present and I also said that the current US President Joe Biden told Imran Khan in 2008 that you know the East and the West very well and tell us what we can do to help you. ?

Imran Khan replied to Joe Biden Help me don’t help me. Whenever I become the Prime Minister, I will be made by the power of the people.

Sheikh Rashid in his speech said that Imran Khan has to be brought back, if Imran Khan is not brought back then the jails will be filled. He could not become MNA in Zardari’s seat. He came to power by showing fake letter of Benazir. Sheikh Rashid said that it was the most difficult time in his life. Time will leave Imran Khan, he will not be ethnic and real.