Prime Minister’s important visit to Gwadar.

PM Addressing in Gawader Visit

Talking to media in Gwadar, PM Imran Khan said that the situation in the region is very serious at present.
There is clear evidence of RAW involvement in the Lahore blast.
India is currently suffering the most. India has invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said that India is the biggest loser in Afghanistan. The United States is confused about Afghanistan. The United States does not know what to do.

Addressing a function in Gwadar, the Prime Minister said that the Gwadar project, which had lagged behind many areas in development works in the past, would take Balochistan to a new development destination.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan was developing rapidly in the 60’s. At that time we were role models. Gwadar would benefit the whole of Pakistan including Balochistan. Pakistan is becoming a great country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that with the construction of International Airport, Gwadar will be directly connected to the world.
The One window operation is being launched to facilitate foreign investors. We have not paid any attention to exports. Went to IMF many times Pakistan has had to go to IMF 20 times so far.

In his address, the Prime Minister said that a zone of 2200 acres has been opened and investors have been invited.
Gwadar is the focal point of Pakistan. A 500-bed hospital is also under construction in Gwadar. A university is being set up in Gwadar.
A great program has been launched for the betterment of fishermen in Gwadar.
Subsidizing the construction of houses through microfinance.

The Prime Minister said that they want peace in Afghanistan and are trying to find a political solution in Afghanistan.
If there is a civil war, the neighboring countries will also be harmed along with the Afghans. Neighboring countries are trying to have a political settlement in Afghanistan. We are also trying to talk to the Taliban so that there is a political settlement in Afghanistan.

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