Police arrested 15 workers of PTI from the polling station of Federal Colony.

In this regard, Shabbir Gujjar, the candidate of PTI in Lahore, told the media that the Johar Town Police has detained the workers from the PTI camp.

Shabbir Gujjar accused the police officials and said that the activists were peacefully present in the camp that the police arrested them without any reason.

In the by-elections to the 20 seats of the provincial assembly in Punjab, the enthusiasm of the people, especially the supporters of PTI, is visible.

Arsalan, a poor samosa seller of Dunyapur in love of PTI, has made a unique announcement that he will give free samosas to whoever votes for PTI.

Worker Arsalan says that I am a poor man, but I am not a conscience seller. My life is also present in the love of Imran Khan.

Samosa seller Arslan said that he is serving samosas, pakodas and chicken rolls for free only for the love of Khan Sahib.

On the other hand, sources say that in Kahota PP7 the Punjab government deliberately rigged the polling day here on the election day, the government started providing flour to the voters.

Free flour is being distributed openly in a truck at Kahota Beaver Chowk, the local administration is silent on this serious regulation.

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