I will not let these thieves digest 1100 billion rupees.

Faisalabad Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that on July 17, we will see looters snatched from bills. I will not let these thieves digest 1100 billion rupees. The history of this country will not forgive the families who put them on us.

Regarding the by-elections, Imran Khan said that Shahbaz Sharif did a great favor to the public at night, first he increased the price of diesel by more than 100 rupees, now he reduced it by 40 rupees. The IMF pressured us for two and a half years to increase the prices but we did not do it.

Addressing the participants, he said that we will win this match. I congratulate you now. Allah has created awareness in my nation. On 17th, an awakened nation will vote. The nation knows that there is a foreign conspiracy in this country. Here, Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq were also involved in the foreign conspiracy, two families were looting this country for 30 years. Corruption cases were made during their time.

Imran Khan said that I will fight these thieves till the last ball. America wants a ruler who obeys his orders. The then leader bowed his knuckles on a telephone call. 80 thousand Pakistanis were killed in America’s war today. Because of this war, our people are getting martyred. 400 bombings were done in our tribal area. Will see.

America knew that I would never let my people be enslaved. America likes boot polishers. Pakistanis, are you beggars? You have been begging for 32 years. Zardari and Sharif family have taken the country’s money out. The prime minister is embarrassing himself and his nation. have to give
These people cannot live without rigging

Imran Khan said that there are 4 big palaces in London in the name of Maryam Nawaz, our justice system does not catch big robbers, Sri Lanka does not have money to run the country, those who put these two families on us, forgive the history of this country. Most of all we collected taxes they conspired to bring down our government till the last ball you have to fight they will rig the whole election they have not done anything honestly.

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