Our constitution allows peaceful protests.

Addressing the people through video link, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that people have been on the streets in Karachi since morning and our constitution allows peaceful protests.

Came who those to power under the global conspiracy have only created problems for the people. They had to fix the economy because they were considered to be great veterans. RO2 destroyed institutions to save their corruption 60% of the people in the current cabinet are on bail.

The former prime minister said that two families ruled Pakistan for 30 years, those who committed corruption for 30 years only gave themselves NRO, destroyed FIA and NAB, politicians are bought like sheep and goats. The stock market has also fallen in the last two months. The rupee has been depreciating continuously for the past two months.

He said that rigging was being prepared in Punjab by-elections. He said that they should not stay. Officers should not do any illegal work. Appreciate the performance of our government. In the last two months, inflation has skyrocketed.

Imran Khan said that they have come to power by conspiracy. They say that Imran Khan did everything. If we did everything, they would have allowed us to stay in power. Our government was also in IMF program. Subsidized the circumstances.

Inflation in the world increased during the Corona. We did not cut our stomachs and increase the prices of diesel, petrol and electricity. Now the prices of all things have skyrocketed due to these incompetents.

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