A 5,000-seat flying hotel that will never land.

Yes, this hotel named Sky Cruise is designed for the flight of more than 5000 guests. The demo version of Flying Hotel went viral which surprised people all over the world. Its the first of its kind in the world. The concept is.

The flying hotel will have 20 nuclear-powered engines and will always be in the air during scheduled flights. The jumbo jet will have a vault that will offer guests a 360-degree view of the sky, including a luxurious leisure deck. Which will provide all the facilities for recreational activities.

The AI-piloted aircraft will have a capacity of more than 5,000 guests. It was designed by Yemeni producer Hashim al-Ghaili. The launch date of the Flying Hotel is yet to be announced.

Top 10 Flying Hotel Facts

  1. Sky Cruise is a Sky Hotel of the future aimed at providing its guests with the ultimate travel experience.
  2. The nuclear-powered hotel will hover over the clouds and will never land during its cruise schedule, even repairs will be made within the flight.
  3. The Flying Hotel is large enough to accommodate more than 5,000 guests.
  4. It is designed by combining the features of a commercial aircraft while it is a manifestation of the luxury of the guests.
  5. It has a large hall that will offer guests a 360 degree view of the sky.
  6. It also includes an elevator that connects the panoramic hall to the main recreation deck.
  7. The main recreation deck includes shopping malls, sports center, swimming pool, restaurant, children’s playground, theater and cinema.
  8. It also has a separate section for holding events and business meetings.
  9. It also includes a wedding hall that can host a wedding.
  10. The flying hotel’s 20 electric engines run on clean nuclear energy only.

The Flying Hotel will be a major milestone in air travel and an attempt to turn fiction into reality, with its official launch date yet to be announced.

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