Mycogen B Cream should not be used by patients suffering from allergic reactions.

Islamabad Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan Drap has found a batch of Mycogen B Cream from Central Drugs Laboratory Karachi to be substandard.

Pakistan Drape declared a batch of dermatological medicine substandard and issued a product recall alert for Mycogen B Cream.

In the alert, Mycogen B Cream MB012/22 has been declared substandard. Myco Gen B Cream is manufactured by Deluxe Chemical Industries Karachi.

Mycogen B Cream recall alert has been issued for Citizen Doctors Chemists

Sources say that Mycogen B Cream is used in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections.

Drape has directed the company to withdraw the affected batch of Mycogen B Cream from the market and asked chemists to check the stock to prevent the sale of the affected batch of Mycogen B Cream.

The Drip Alert states that the pharma company should not supply the affected batch of Mycogen B Cream and that pharmacies should return the affected batch of Mycogen B Cream to the company.

Drape provincial teams should increase surveillance in the medicine market and doctors should not prescribe affected batches of Mycogen B Cream to patients. Use of substandard Mycogen B Cream can increase fungal and bacterial infections.

Drap said that the use of a substandard batch of Mycogen B cream can affect vision. Those who use substandard Mycogen B cream should consult a physician and purchase the medicine from a licensed pharmacy chemist.