Prof. Ajmal Sawand was bathed in blood by his relatives.

The name of this person is Prof. AS and he was a professor of Sukkur IBA
Prof. came from France with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He spent an hour in France
Pakistanis used to get 30,000 rupees for his lecture, but he returned from France
That I will teach my people
That is why I have returned to Sindh.

Dr. Ajmal Sawand, who belongs to Kandhkot, received his primary education in Cadet College Larkana, and because of his love for literature, he was the sub-editor of literary magazines and souvenir magazines there.

His professional research interests include security and resource management in wireless medical sensor networks, wireless body area networks, and wireless sensor networks.

In Sukkur, he joined IBA where he was associated with the Computer Science Faculty.

Why the state could not protect you?

The fascist People’s Party which the state is standing with has been ruling Sindh for decades. Why are innocent citizens of Sindh being killed every day? Why no state body asks for an answer from the Sindh government?

Sindh is no longer in the hands of the state. We repeatedly told the state institutions two decades ago that MQM was created by Zia-ul-Haq. But the institutions became over-smart
Under a systematic plan, tribal disputes have been raised in the interior of Sindh. It started from the Zia-ul-Haq era and despite all the efforts, it has not been possible to end it till date.

Under a nefarious motive, the rebels do not send their children to school in the riot-torn areas. If you go, it will not be in vain.

The Sawand tribe had accused a man of the Sundarani tribe of doing business, after which it took the form of a tribal conflict in which seven people, including a woman and Ajmal Sawand, have been killed.

According to diplomat Shamshad Ali Khan, the Dera Shahi Raj of Sindh and Punjab, which is called Aj mafia, never allowed their people to become subjects or slaves, even in this period, some areas were deprived of education and schools. are.

Brother, the main point is that if everyone is equipped with the best education in Sindh, then who will ask the politicians here, people will become conscious and a conscious person can live a little like animals.