Moscow: Russia has developed a state-of-the-art radar system called Lemon M, which can detect US-made F22 Raptor and F35 Lighting 2.

Russia New Radar System Launch

According to foreign media reports, Russia has once again created difficulties for the United States and its allies by developing state-of-the-art Lemon M radar.

An media reports, the Nebo M radar can also see the latest US warplanes and drones, including the US-made F22 Raptor and F35 Lighting Two.

Almaz Anti-Director General Jan Novikov said that Russia is working on radar projects with the latest technology. Russian scientists have developed more than 30 types of mobile multifunctional radar systems that have made Russia’s defense system invincible.

He said the latest radar systems were handed over to Russian military units stationed in high-risk areas.

One serial Lemon M was handed over in 2017 to troops stationed in the western regions of Russia, after which it was handed over to A regiment serving in Transbaikalia Khabarovsk and Primorye regions.

Latest radars were delivered to the Kremlin Air Defense in 2018. Media reports say that the mobile Lemon-M can be quickly deployed anywhere by land or airplane.

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