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The sun of unity of the Muslim Ummah has risen.

Freedom Palestine Soon

For 100 years after the end of the Ottoman Caliphate, Muslims lived in great depression. The distance from the knowledge of the Muslims gave Aghiar the opportunity that even after centuries of freedom from slavery, we remained mentally in Western slavery.

Pakistan advanced its armed forces on the strength of nuclear power and immense manpower and took the Muslim countries into confidence and presented the issue of Palestine to the United Nations in a very beautiful manner.

1- To the Palestinian people
There is no bad navy or air force.

  1. Israel is oppressing the unarmed Palestinian people with the help of military power and a great superpower.

3- The countries agreed in the Security Council should form their own allied group.

  1. Create a United Nations Security Force to protect the Palestinian people
    Work on this roadmap will begin in the coming months and years. Inshallah, the day will come when the land of the Palestinians will be free from the oppression of Israel.
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