labor day

a man carrying a large sack on his head

A laborer and his wife were sitting worried. The wife asked why are you worried?
The laborer said, I am working on the house of the gentleman whose house is off tomorrow. On the day of his holiday, he comes to the house and inspects every inch.

This is the only problem and tell me why you are worried.

The wife said that I work in Dr. Sahiba’s house, tomorrow is her holiday, on the day she has a holiday, she does the work standing on her head and says that you should be seen in one tile, I don’t know what tomorrow is about. is a holiday.

His younger son said, I am telling you that tomorrow is Labor Day, so all the elders will have a holiday.

The laborer and his wife looked at the son in surprise and asked how do you know
The son said today, the teacher was saying that if you arrive at the service station at 7 o’clock in the morning, you will break your ribs if you arrive late at 7 o’clock. But sir, officials take vacations.