Bangladesh preparations for Hajj.

A 32-storey ship which will reach Jeddah in 8 days from Chittagong with Hajj pilgrims. These people will reach for Hajj at a very reasonable fare.

Presenting a moment of concern for the Pakistani rulers, this picture also reminds us of the Pakistani ships Safina Arab and Safina Abid and we are deprived of this cheap means of travel despite the existence of the sea route.

Will our rulers tell why the cheap facility was taken away from the people or is any political party ready to make this a part of its manifesto?

Of course not because the people are not their problem.

May our ruler have mercy on the condition of these poor people who have longed for the happiness of visiting the house of Allah only once in their life and now the Hajj of 10 lakhs has become more expensive than their entire life savings. .

Make this post the voice of you and the entire poor nation and spread it so much that your voice becomes a reality for this important facility.

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