Judicial Rolling Number Five Revoked Assembly Restored.


The recent decision of the judiciary will lead the country to further chaos and two institutions will be responsible for it.

The same 12 parties will loot, but the reward for what will happen to the country of 22 crores will continue to be given to the two institutions which are going to impose this Bhan Mati’s family on Pakistan.

Today’s judgment proves that the judiciary is the guardian of thieves. Today’s decision of Gaya judiciary gave more encouragement to the thieves
Imran Khan had told his story to end his government so that anarchy would not spread in the country and the country would not suffer from instability. The country could not tolerate any more crises. The judiciary will be now and the silence of the establishment is also incomprehensible.

These thieves have ruled the country for 40 years. All the judges, lawyers and bureaucrats in all the institutions are recruiting these thieves. So how can all these mafias rule against the thieves? If the National Assembly is dissolved and the Provincial Assemblies are immediately dissolved and the entire government is abolished, it will not restore the Assembly from the corrupt judiciary. Are.
This black decision of the Supreme Court was also incomplete to ask why the letter was ignored while making the decision. Imran tried to change the government. He will now become the Prime Minister

Imran Khan’s expected option after the Supreme Court decision
Immediate resignation from assemblies
KPK Assembly Dissolution
Governor rule in Punjab and Sindh
Possible emergencies across the country
Although the US conspiracy was apparently defeated and Pakistan’s internal sovereignty was defeated, the judiciary was in favor of the US.
The whole nation is disappointed by the decision and the curse is on the face of the judiciary.

Now is the time for the people to take to the streets to save the country.

The Supreme Court declared everything null and void except horse trading
It means investing, buying, selling and forming your own government.
Sadly, Imran’s government will end
Or another prime minister
Or the United States intervened
It is a pity that the United States intervened and sold out
All our institutions have joined, only against the person who is a patriot and not a traitor whose death is Pakistan
Who devoted his life and peace to this country.

Whoever honored every institution, if these institutions were worthy of respect, they would not even think of giving back the government to these thieves. They joined hands with thieves to save their wealth.

Justice, comrades, friends, you do not have to worry, you have to stand firm with your Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Beyond the stars where there are others
There are more tests of love right now.

Very Soon the captain will announce his next strategy.

You can’t defeat Imran Khan by doing all this. You can’t bend him. You can’t convince him of your wrongdoing. Your name will be written in history with Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq. In Tipu Sultan Aziz Bhatti and Rashid Minhas

Don’t expect me anymore
To get justice here
To this just beast
Don’t care about time

This is probably forgotten
Annihilation has to happen too
He also has to answer
It has to be calculated

One day before God
Obviously, it has to happen

Dr. Adeel Akram