ISLAMABAD PM Imran Khan rejected the complete lockdown.

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According to the details, the situation is getting worse in view of the increasing intensity of the fourth wave of Corona. The deadly virus swallowed 62 lives. The rate of positive cases of corona also reached 9%. In 24 hours, 5,026 new cases of corona came to light.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while proposing a complete lockdown in the country, rejected the complete lockdown and said that if a lockdown is imposed, then we have to look at the other side as well. We will save our economy from the lockdown

Speaking at the live session, the Prime Minister said that the fourth wave of Corona has hit Pakistan at the moment. Indian variant Delta is the most dangerous. It spreads more rapidly. Thought and locked down, didn’t think of working people, just looked at the elite.

The Prime Minister said that the Sindh government was trying to lock down. Am believe that lockdown is the right decision. Its spread will be reduced. But with the implementation of lockdown, we have to look the other way. If you are hungry at home, how can you tell them not to go out?

In the live session, the Prime Minister said that we have to stop the spread of Corona and take the economy with us. Our economy has come out of difficult times and is going up by the grace of Allah. The spread of must be stopped.

The Prime Minister said that so far 30 million people across the country have been vaccinated against coronavirus and the government is making every effort to ensure that there is no reduction in vaccination. Should open

It may be mentioned that according to the statistics released by the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care, a new record of vaccination has been set in Punjab including Lahore. I have the largest ever record of a single day of vaccination.

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