Important message for mobile phone users.

A colleague of ours was telling me that a friend of mine has a shop for buying and selling new and old mobiles.

The girl explained the price range and asked which is the best mobile with good camera memory and speed. My friend asked which mobile you were using before and the reason for changing it?
Plus you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

He showed the old mobile and said that this is the first Samsung mobile that gets hung up, so he wanted a new model.

My friend showed me two or three mobiles of Samsung and Chinese company in which he liked one of the mobiles of Samsung and started giving money, then my friend asked me to sell old one?
He said no, not for now.

My friend said that if I want to sell, I will pay 18,000 for this mobile
The girl and her mother were shocked to hear that the mobile phone was not worth ten thousand rupees.
Seeing everyone surprised, the friend started saying that I had to say eight thousand but by mistake I said eighteen.

But I’m sticking to my word. If you have to sell now, subtract 18 and pay the rest.

The girl’s mother immediately agreed and said give it because no one has given so much.

The girl started saying no, it has all my data in it. I will do it in the new mobile first and then I will sell it.

My friend said that it will take two minutes now, both of them are from Samsung, now I will back up and make a new one. I will

After some hesitation, the girl agreed due to the insistence of the mother
The friend backed up at the same time and put it in the new mobile. After he left, I asked the friend what did you do?

Why did you take such an expensive deal at such a loss?

He started laughing with devilish laughter and said that he is still a child, you don’t know anything, there is so much money in it that I will show you a glimpse now.

By then the friend had put this mobile on data recovery.

He said that we recognize it as soon as we see it. Then there is the demand for good cameras and good speed mobiles. He is so hesitant to sell old mobiles. Because of all these things, I have started gambling.

I didn’t understand anything so I started drinking tea. During the gossip with him, he was constantly trying to recover his data. When I asked permission to go, he said go away, just go and see why I have paid so much money.

Then he showed me such videos and pictures of this girl that I was amazed. He told her not to insult him.

In reply, he said, “Why should I pass the honor of one who has not taken care of his own honor?”

Talked to another friend who sells used mobile phones.

I asked how there is so much savings in this work when more than two or four mobiles in a day can not be bought and sold.

He said that whenever a mobile phone comes to us for sale or to be repaired, the first thing to be seen is who has been using the mobile phone.

Special care is taken to ensure that if the mobile has been used by a handsome boy or handsome girl from college or university, it is bought in any case, if it has come for recovery, then tomorrow’s time is given. Is.

Then such a mobile is first applied to the data recovery. Now there is no mobile that does not have objectionable images. Compared to other images, it is seen that these images and videos are his own or taken from internet. Are

The number of videos and images you have is sold in terms of quality etc. from where they are sold to various adult websites.

He further said that whenever you go to fix your mobile, even if it is a small problem, it is said that it will be fixed tomorrow. The reason is that when a person comes to sell a mobile phone, he often blows and resets everything, due to which data recovery would be a bit difficult, but if he brings a fix, then everything comes to light immediately.

Then it is also known who was using the mobile from where it is often touched.

According to this friend, there is hardly anyone with a mobile phone who does not do this, otherwise everyone has bought expensive data recovery software.

What is the solution to all this?

First of all, whenever you buy a mobile phone, think carefully and then use it for a long time and never sell it.

If it is unavoidable to sell, then fill it at least four or five times with various unnecessary files and reset everything.

Doing this five times has very little chance of getting anything and even if something is recovered, the other files will be so many that it will be difficult if not impossible to find the original from them.

If you ever have to fix your mobile, get it done by standing nearby and don’t give it to anyone who says take it tomorrow.

If he says that he will have to order a part, give him some advance money and ask him to order it and fix it immediately.

But it is best to keep your mobile phone clean and tidy, even though it is very difficult for anyone to follow it these days.
And the last and most important request is from the parents of the youth. Your child becomes young at the age of fourteen or fifteen and wants to fulfill the sexual need as soon as he is young, whether it is a boy or a girl, if you think that my son Or my daughter is very noble, so this is your misunderstanding

This is a natural need. If we do not manage to fulfill it in a legitimate way, then it will be fulfilled in a wrong way.

Girlfriend-boyfriend relationship has become very common now. In this relationship, exchanging videos and photos via mobile is not uncommon.

Marry your children as soon as they reach adulthood and get married as per the wishes of the children.

If marriage is not possible for any reason, make the marriage complete.

Share as much as you can with the intention of charity.

This is an instructive article for all readers.