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See What Happening in pakistan politics

Heard that flights are getting canceled from Gulf state to Pakistan it this true.


Dec 6, 2021 ,

Yes Pakistan passengers suffer as foreign airlines cancel breakot

Due to capacity restrictions, numerous foreign airlines have cancelled their breakouts, and people planning to enter and leave Pakistan are in trouble.

Passengers are worried about the cancelled breakouts and they use social media to express their wrathfulness.

Numerous foreign airlines confined their capacity amidst of Covid epidemic calling off foreign breakouts, passengers of Pakistan suffers mentally by the restriction.

The foreign airlines listed redundant breakouts and took bookings to Pakistan presuming ease of trip restrictions by authorities.

No further than 20 per cent of the normal air business from the world will be allowed, barring a many exceptions.

  • Meanwhile, an functionary of Qatar Airways told Dawn some of its breakouts had been cancelled to misbehave with the NCOC’s restrictions.


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