The federal government’s land survey of all provinces of Pakistan is 88% complete.


The rest of the work could not be completed due to non-cooperation of Sindh government except Karachi city
This is the first time that the federal government has completed land records in various departments, according to which the following information was obtained.

1- Total area 20 million acres

2- Out of which 8,24,210 acres are under the control of Mafia

3- The occupied area is worth Rs. 559 billion

4- 71,200 acres of forest were seized.

5- The commercial area of ​​the railway department is also under the control of mafia which is being relinquished.

  1. The Civil Aviation Department has an area of ​​16.00 acres with 38 airports. Other lands are also under the control of Mafia which has been ordered to be vacated.
  2. National Highways has an area of ​​52,000 acres.

8- Similarly, the lands of various departments under the control of the federal government are also under the control of Mafia. Orders have been issued to all the provincial governments to relinquish such lands.

With the passage of time, the backs of all the occupying mafias will be broken. This is the first government in the history of the country which is taking action with full force against all the occupying mafias. History has shown that They have been brought up.

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