A child can suffer from depression due to the angry nature of parents.

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In a study conducted in Germany, it has been revealed that children whose parents are strict are more likely to develop depression and other mental health problems.

This research was conducted in the city of Belgium in Germany and 23 children between the ages of 12 and 16 have been included in this research.

These were the children who complained that their parents were strict, then the mental health of the children was compared to the children whose parents were soft.

According to the research, children of parents with dictatorial thinking become victims of mental and mental health problems.

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According to research expert Dr. Evelyn Van Assche, parents who punish their children physically and mentally for small mistakes, have an extra set of special genes in their children’s DNA, which, due to these strict behaviors, make the children stronger. affects the mind.

Those children whose parents are soft-tempered are also significantly less likely to have these types of problems in their children.

According to several other studies, the prevalence of mental health problems faced by children under the age of six is ​​due to the behavior of parents.

Intriguingly, children’s DNA was affected by harsh parental behaviors. Genome mapping showed that these children had increased methylation changes associated with depression.

Methylation is a process during which an additional molecule is added to DNA that changes the way its instructions are read.

Children of strict parents undergo more methylation than expected, which then causes them to experience these problems.

Even before this, it has been revealed by many other studies that strict and aggressive training causes harm to children.

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