Lahore Imran Khan announced the date of Long March for real freedom.

During the news conference in Lahore, Imran Khan announced that he is going to do a long march from Friday. Start from Long march Will be liberty Chowk Lahore.

Imran Khan said that there is no time frame for this long march. We will go from Liberty Chowk to GT Road where Awami Jim will leave with Ghafir and enter Islamabad. He claimed that this is the biggest long march in history. Will be
They expressed fear that these people may make a mess in the long march. Even on May 25, their people grabbed sticks and broke the windows of our vehicles.

He said that we are not going to fight with anyone in Islamabad, we are not going to break any law and we do not want to go to the red zone. Our job is to follow the law in any case.

The country is in a lot of trouble

Imran Khan said that there should be no doubt that the country is in a lot of trouble at this time. When we got Pakistan in 2018, the bank was corrupt. At that time, our country’s reserves were close to 9 billion dollars. was not

We have not stopped anyone from the long march
Fazlur Rahman did three long marches in our government, Bilawal Bhutto did two long marches and Maryam Nawaz also did a long march. She stayed somewhere in Gujranwala. didn’t stop

Imran Khan said that we had a peaceful protest on May 25, we were brutally tortured, if we did not return on that day, there would have been bloodshed in the country.

When we announced our comeback, we were ridiculed for this decision. Since the incident, 24 FIRs have been registered against me, including terrorism provisions.

Political parties never close the doors of negotiations, we are ready for negotiations even today, but we are sure that this election will not be held.

The former prime minister said that first they tried to disqualify me in foreign funding, then they tried to disqualify me in Tosha Khana, now these people are trying to disqualify me from the elections illegally.

Response in to a question in the news conference, Imran Khan said that the government intends to arrest me.

I want to say to Arbab Akhtar that there is no other way in the country other than a transparent election, let the people decide the future of the country.

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