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Where Corona virus swallowed thousands of human lives worldwide corona also Eliminated evil and pollution on earth

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Muhammad Mohsim

  1. Corona has drawn humans back to humanity toward the Creator, and humans to good morals.
  2. It has closed all the luxury centers around the world, closed theaters, nightclubs and bars, gambling and sexual misconduct, but interest rates have also been reduced.
  3. He reunited the families in their homes after a long separation.
  4. Also prevented strangers from kissing each other.
  5. It forced the World Health Organization to admit that drinking alcohol is forbidden and destructive so it should be avoided.
  6. It forced all health institutions to say that predatory birds, their blood-soaked animals, are destructive to human health.
  7. He taught man how to sneeze how to do the cleaning that our beloved Prophet Muhammad told us about 1450 years ago.
  8. He recognized the importance of human health by moving one-third of the military budget to health.
  9. He condemns mixing of both sexes.
  10. He told the rulers of some of the major countries of the world, including Russia, Britain, Italy, India, and Germany, what it meant to force people into homes and rob them of their freedom.
  11. He compels people to cry and seek forgiveness from God and to renounce disbelief and sin.
  12. He tore the heads of the proud tombs and dressed them like ordinary human beings.
  13. It minimized the poisonous gases and other pollution of factories in the world. These pollutants had polluted the gardens of the forest, the rivers and sealed the oceans.
     Filling with started. And the earth began to breathe
  14. He turned to those who believed in the technology of the Lord again and told them that your Lord is Allah.
  15. He tried to get the rulers to fix their prisons and prisons.
  16. And the greatest achievement is that it prevented people from associating with Allah by unifying them.

Today, in practice, it became clear how the virus, apparently a small germ, actually became a soldier of God rather than evil for humanity.
So people, don’t curse the Karuna virus! And do not think of such a punishment from Allah. The punishment comes upon the unbelievers. The trials come upon the Muslims. It has brought good news for you.
Do not underestimate measurement.

Avoid Illegal Profits Do not store.
Do not kill
Don’t buy interest.
Poor orphans do not eat the rights of the poor.
Do not oppress the oppressed, weak, old children and women, and on tongues.
Do not put envy and jealousy into your hearts for each other.
Do not be angry and scream
Don’t show one’s heart
Do not be discouraged
Don’t hurt anyone
Do not break one’s heart because God lives in the hearts.
Don’t make fun of someone’s poverty
Do not abstain from fornication and adultery.
Do not confer your rights on anyone or favor on anyone.
Don’t interfere in anyone’s affairs.
Poor girls get married more than widows and divorces.
Wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters should be given equal rights.
Parents Serve the Elderly Honor and Serve Them Most
Help the poor orphans, the widows, the poor, the needy, the poor

And as soon as this Corona virus comes, Insha Allah, it will go away as soon as possible.
Have a good hope Be a good person, sincerely seek forgiveness and pray.

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