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WASHINGTON: A deadly cold snap in the United States has killed several people and disrupted electricity and water supplies.

Snow and storms continue, killing scores of people in Texas, Kentucky and Missouri.

Texas, the state most affected by the blizzard in the United States, was plunged into darkness due to the power crisis.

Cold storms, the deadliest cold, and the unavailability of heaters left many dead in their homes.

One-third of US oil production has been cut off due to the blizzard, while the corona vaccination process is also stalled in 20 states.

Extreme cold weather has paralyzed Texas administration. Electricity and water became rare for the people in record breaking cold. The roofs of thousands of houses are buried under snow.

Newly elected US President Joe Biden has declared the state of Texas a disaster in the wake of this record-breaking cold in the country.

The US president has vowed to provide additional emergency resources for those affected by the blizzard and has ordered the establishment of relief camps, while hospitals are under emergency and police patrols are urgent to protect homeless people from the cold. Arrangements have been made.


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