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These lamps are lit, there will be light.

Proud Youth

The girl seen in the first picture is Pakistani student Zara Naeem Dar who set an excellent record in the world by getting the highest marks in the ACCA exam. The rest broke all previous records. I became the Google Prize winner by getting the highest number.

The second picture is of Dr. Zubeida Sarang from Chitral. Zubeida is an ophthalmologist who specializes in eye diseases, eye problems and their treatment. She also has written a book on the subject called
(Optics Made Easy)
This book at the moment
Best Ophthalmology books of All the time
Declared that it has become the best book in the world about the eyes.
And it is the most widely read.
The third picture is of Khalid, a resident of Layyah, who has created a stir by building a small electric tractor that has a power of 240 horsepower and is capable of operating like a large tractor in the fields. It is also cheaper and will reduce environmental pollution. These are the talented youngsters of our country who are seeing the essence of their high potential. This country is rich in such talented youngsters and such rare talented youngsters are an important asset of their country.
When the eagle spirit awakens in the young
He sees his destination in the heavens
Despair is the decline of knowledge and mysticism
The hope of the man of faith is in the secret of God
No, your abode is on the dome of the Sultan’s palace
Kings are roosting in the rocks of the mountains.


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