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Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned India that if a false flag operation takes place, a full response will be given.

In a statement issued on Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote that India deliberately targeted a UN vehicle on the LOC. Firing on a UN vehicle is a violation of international law. ۔

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan strongly condemns this bullying of India. Modi can conduct false flag operation to divert attention from internal issues. I warn the world about any possible disturbance of Modi government.

The Prime Minister wrote that there are problems of Corona recession and farmers’ protests in India, while the firing on the LOC targeted the civilian population, as a result of which 276 civilians were martyred. Martyred

The Prime Minister warned that I would like to make it clear to the international community that if there was a false flag operation, our response would be complete. Pakistan has the right to retaliate against any threat.

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