The constitution says that the election will be held in 90 days, so no one can stop it.

Speaking to the media, President Supreme Court Bar Abid Zuberi said, “Where is the decision of the Lahore High Court that elections are to be held in 90 days?” Once the date was given, what authority did the Election Commission have to change the date?

Abid Zuberi said that the Supreme Court bar does not belong to any political party, if they stand with a victim, then it is said that they are with a political party, I am not with any political party, I am with the black coat. Will stand with the judiciary.

He said that now is the time to impose Article 6 on those who break the constitution. If the election is not held within 90 days, Article 5 and 90 will be violated.

Was the timing of the bill presented in Parliament yesterday correct? The purpose of presenting the bill was to suppress an institution that would not allow the judicial power to end.

Decide with justice, those who don’t agree will perish themselves. Disagreement is the beauty of democracy, but by breaking the constitution, the country becomes a state.

A unanimous resolution was passed in favor of conducting the election on time in the Lawyers Convention
On the other hand, a unanimous resolution has been passed in the Lawyers Convention in favor of conducting the election on time.

According to the resolution, the Election Commission has no authority to postpone the election by ignoring the constitutional responsibility. Some political parties and political leaders are attacking the judges, which is unacceptable.

In the resolution, it was said that the lawyers community is concerned about the division that is found even within the judges and the Chief Justice should solve the differences with all the judges through understanding.

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