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New York: The use of Pfizer and Bio-Tech corona vaccine in the United States will begin today.

According to a foreign news agency, according to US officials, the country has started sending Pfizer / Bivine Tech code 19 vaccines to all states and in the meantime, the goal is to vaccinate more than 100 million people before March. Be applied ۔ The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Bio-N Tech and Pfizer vaccines against codeine.
Yesterday, the first doses of the vaccine were put in dry ice containers and shipped in planes and trucks. U.S. Army Gen. Gustave Parna, who has been charged with the transfer, said the vaccine would be delivered to 145 different vaccination stations by Monday, while 491 more would be delivered by Tuesday and Wednesday. About 3 million people will benefit from the initial transfer.

The Biotech Pfizer vaccine will be the first to be administered to the elderly in medical staff and nursing homes or senior citizen centers in the United States. On this occasion, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee will decide which individuals or groups should be vaccinated first. Earlier, US President Trump had said that the process of vaccinating against corona virus would begin soon, he said that this vaccine is very safe.

It is important to note that the Pfizer Bio-Tech vaccine has also been approved for use in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The relevant US Department of Defense may now approve the Moderna vaccine on December 17 after reviewing its data.
It should be noted that the United States is currently the most affected country in the world by the corona virus. The virus has so far claimed the lives of 36,459 people, while the total number of people infected with the virus has exceeded 167.37 million.

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