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Money budget will not come, agreement between Pakistan and IMF

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and the IMF have agreed not to present a mini-budget in talks, while taxes will not be increased until June.
According to details, talks were held between Pakistan and the IMF, headed by Advisor to the Finance Minister Hafiz Sheikh and the Chief of the Mission for Pakistan. Taxes will not increase, tax tariffs will not be reduced till then, but non-tax revenue is also agreed to increase income. Moreover, the parties agreed that the roadmap of privatization would be ensured. Non-taxable income will be increased by Rs 400 billion, sales tax rate will not be 18 percent, but the rate will be only 17 percent.
Finance Ministry says efforts will be made to achieve tax target, Pakistan has achieved most of IMF targets, roadmap for loss and loss reduction has been prepared, IMF Current and Financial If the account is satisfied with the loss, the parties will issue a separate declaration of 10-day talks.


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