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Karachi: The Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) has released inflation figures for May 2020

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According to the details, the data of the Bureau of Statistics states that in May 2020, the inflation rate increased to 0.42%. In the first 11 months of the current financial year, the inflation rate has increased to 11.32%.

According to the statistics agency, the inflation rate in May 2020 was 9.07 percent as compared to May 2019. The prices of various items have increased dramatically during Ramadan.

Inflation rises last week

In one month, chicken became 41.46 per cent more expensive, 31 fruits became 9.72 per cent more expensive. Similarly, milk became 4.63 per cent more expensive.

According to the statistics, in May, motor fuel, 13 tomatoes, 8 and pulses became cheaper by 4 to 7 per cent.

In one year, gas prices went up by 55%, vegetables by 21%, sugar by 20% and eggs by 19%. In the same year, tomatoes became cheaper by 39%, onions by 21%, motor fuel by 19% and vegetables by 4%.

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