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Karachi: Five people have succumbed to death from a cold wave in Karachi

KARACHI: Authorities in the Sindh capital, Karachi, continue to warn the public about the deadly Karuna virus, while Najla Zakam started killing civilians.

According to details, the H1N1 flu virus started spreading in the city of Quaid, five people lost their lives due to H1N1 influenza in one month in the city.

Sources say that more than 129 people have been infected with influenza in Karachi since January, including 71 women and 58 men.

According to the Health Department, all the casualties belong to different areas of Karachi.

Experts say people should take special care of hygiene, cover their mouth with tissue or cloth when sneezing and coughing and thoroughly clean their hands before eating.

Experts say health should also be avoided when visiting crowded places.

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